About Groovy Gamer

Groovygamer.net is a member of the enthusiast video game press and aims to deliver video game news, reviews and comical opinions about games and the video game industry as a whole. Our podcast is meant to inform and entertain other gamers, with honest non corporate opinions and general nonsense.

Ron DiBona (also known to many gamers as evildeadron) is the Editor in Chief and Podcast host, and is a lifelong passionate gamer going all the way back to the Odyssey 2. He has written freelance game reviews, and is the former host and creator of the Gamerdork US podcast.

He has eclectic tastes when it comes to gaming, and takes pride in the fact that he actually liked the game Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm. In addition to games, he enjoys watching sports and horror movies.

Jared Ley Redding was born in Anchorage, Alaska and now lives in Pampa, Texas. He fell in love with games playing Super Mario World on the SNES and continues to enjoy platformers, shooters, driving games, and the occasional RPG. He may have also built a zombie killing spear with a pool cue and a cheap knife, but if the cops ask he totally didn’t.

Jared is also a good cook, great listener, and a really nice guy. In his spare time he enjoys watching films, reading, listening and playing music, and is a dog person. You can follow him on Twitter @fiveoutafive or if you wanna play some games add Jericles to your Xbox Live or PSN friends list.

If you have any questions or submissions for the podcast, you can send them to podcast@groovygamer.net

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