The Groovy Gamer Podcast 3-14-12 Mass Effect 3 Spoiler Cast!

This week Ron and Jens return to talk about Mass Effect 3 in detail. We are joined by 3 special guests to debate the ending and talk in depth about every plot point, every interaction and every Mass Effect 3 experience we can cram into nearly 4 hours. This episode contains MAJOR SPOILERS about the entire game. If you have not played or finished it yet, save this podcast until you do. If you have finished the game, enjoy the debate.

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Michelle Ealey @michelleealey

Matt Pascual @mattpascual

Matt Kessler @mattbodega


  1. RetroVirusNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, thanks for doing this! I’m looking forward to listening!

  2. musimNo Gravatar says:

    I’m about to listen to the hell out of this! I’ve been craving one of these.

  3. musimNo Gravatar says:

    This is heated.

    Everytime I’ve heard the theory Ron presents, it usually ends with the game doesn’t have an ending. Its Shepard resists the indoctrination process and him gaining that small victory is the final ending of the game. Btw, the kid doesn’t say Shepard could die. He just points out Shepard has implants.

    I wish I could give Bioware that credit but there are so many holes in the entirety of the Mass Effect trilogy that I just can’t sell myself on it. Anything with multiple writers that has to make concessions for the gameplay mechanics guys all which have to make concessions for the video cutscenes guys is going to have holes in it.

    I just wish they didn’t blow up their universe in the end.

    Man the whole Twitter feed is scary. Because on the one hand I want a DLC ending. But on the other hand buying the ending of a game via DLC is the WORST possible trend that could happen for video games. As much as I adore the Mass Effect trilogy, my trust in Bioware has finally been broken. In the future I’ll read the reviews and research it before deciding to buy.

    Man I still have a half hour left, I’ll have to finish listening to this tomorrow.

    I can’t believe I’m still obsessing over this a week later.

  4. benNo Gravatar says:

    you’re (maybe) right that the last sequence could be in shepard’s head (fighting off indoctrination, perhaps still in a coma post me1…lol, me2 $ me3 were all a dream!)

    the part you’re (probably) wrong in is the assumption that there is a correct ending. choices matter

    maybe destroying the reapers wipes out the threat, but the conflict between human and synthetic will resurface in a new set of cycles.

    taking control of the reapers is folly, and you become something like the illusive man, or gasp, even replacing the VI (kid).

    or you choose synthesis, which:
    a) ends you – saves the galaxy..
    b) binds you to the system, saves the galaxy
    b2) turns you into the new VI for the next cycle. but now based on org/synth coexistence.

  5. benNo Gravatar says:

    also, i really hope they dont come out and say “this” is the correct ending or the best ending, i think the debate and discussion is actually quite refreshing….uncommon to video games, very common in good film, occasional TV. also, at 3:26, does EDI chime in? :)

  6. RobertNo Gravatar says:

    Ron, don’t take credit for the Indoctrination Theory, that’s the folks over at the Bioware forums idea.

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